It's time to start your revolution.


Whatever reason that may be holding you back from going it alone, we can now help find an answer.

Your personal circumstances may demand the security of an ongoing, regular income; or you may have exciting plans for explosive growth which require significant investment and a board level contribution.

We have a broad network of backers who can provide all the support you need, be it a track record in building recruitment businesses, board level experience, niche market expertise or just to provide a cash injection.

3R understand the importance of introducing business partners and take great care in matching the needs of the recruiters with the expertise and ROI required from the investor.

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3R Investments

3R for Recruiters

3R investments can introduce recruitment entrepreneurs to the business partner they need to realise the dream of having their own business


3R provide a comprehensive recruitment start-up solution and now have an impressive portfolio of recruitment businesses which use our infrastructure, systems & finance.

Each company:

  • Is 100% owned by the recruiter.
  • Has its own brand and identity agreed by its owners.
  • Has the same cloud based technology, finance and support that a recruiter would expect if employed by an established agency
  • Benefits its owners by a tax efficient remuneration scheme generally enjoyed by business owners

For some, starting their own business is a genuine ambition but they still need a little extra help to make the dream a reality, for example:

  • Board level mentors to help develop strategy
  • Help from individuals with expertise in niche markets who can make a valuable contribution to business development
  • Advice from recruitment business leaders who have a track record on building successful businesses in the sector.
  • An investment to cover basic salary and expenses during the early months while waiting for the first placements to be made
  • A substantial investment for an ambitious business plan which may cover staff salaries, office rent & overheads and advertising. When a partnership is agreed, your business can start straight away using the complete support & infrastructure from 3R.

3R Investments

3R for Investors

3R Investments can find you the recruiters who will be the driving force behind your next recruitment business venture.


At 3R, we are in regular contact with thousands of experienced and successful recruiters who have burning ambition, established reputations in specialist markets and some amazing ideas.

We already provide a vehicle for entrepreneurial recruitment consultants to set up and run their own business and we have identified many more with the same ambition that need a little extra help from an investment partner. This may be in the form of mentoring, BD & networking, financial investment or a combination of all of these.

Recruiters that we deal with are seasoned professionals and may only need a light touch from an investor. Others with ambitious plans may be looking for a more hands-on, strategic input.

The following type of investor could enjoy explosive growth and return on investment, aswell as experiencing an exciting journey building a business with some great people.

  • Recruitment Leaders with a track record of setting up and growing successful recruitment businesses.
  • Established entrepreneurs who are interested in backing and mentoring talented recruiters.
  • Business owners who are recruitment agency customers and could see the benefit of setting up an agency which can provide internal resourcing and offer a lucrative additional revenue stream.
  • High net worth individuals who can offer financial investment to selected recruitment start ups

Our introductions are free of charge providing your new company uses the 3R infrastructure & systems ( find out more ). If you have other recruitment operations and already have established systems and finance solutions, we can still find the ideal recruitment partner through a search & select assignment.

To discuss your business requirements in more detail, click here to request a call back.

3R Investments

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We can arrange demos on the phone, on line or face to face anywhere in the UK. Call us today for more info.

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