At 3R, we are in regular contact with thousands of experienced and successful recruiters who have burning ambition, established reputations in specialist markets and some amazing ideas.

We already provide a vehicle for entrepreneurial recruitment consultants to set up and run their own business and we have identified many more with the same ambition that need a little extra help from an investment partner. This may be in the form of mentoring, BD & networking, financial investment or a combination of all of these.

Most Recruiters that we deal with are seasoned professionals and may only need a light touch from an investor. Others with ambitious plans may be looking for a more hands-on, strategic input.

The following type of investor could enjoy explosive growth and return on investment, as well as experiencing an exciting journey building a business with some great people:

  • Recruitment Leaders with a track record of setting up and growing successful recruitment businesses
  • Established entrepreneurs who are interested in backing and mentoring talented recruiters.
  • Business owners who are recruitment agency customers and could see the benefit of setting up an agency which can provide internal resourcing and offer a lucrative additional revenue stream.
  • High net worth individuals who can offer financial investment to selected recruitment start ups

Our introductions are free of charge providing your new company uses the 3R infrastructure & systems. If you have other recruitment operations and already have established systems and finance solutions, we can still find the ideal recruitment partner through a search & select assignment.

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