It's time to start your revolution.


3R provide a comprehensive recruitment start-up solution and now have an impressive portfolio of recruitment businesses which use our infrastructure, systems & finance.

Each company:

  • Is 100% owned by the recruiter.
  • Has its own brand and identity agreed by its owners.
  • Has the same cloud based technology, finance and support that a recruiter would expect if employed by an established agency
  • Benefits its owners by a tax efficient remuneration scheme generally enjoyed by business owners

For some, starting their own business is a genuine ambition but they still need a little extra help to make the dream a reality, for example:

  • Board level mentors to help develop strategy
  • Help from individuals with expertise in niche markets who can make a valuable contribution to business development
  • Advice from recruitment business leaders who have a track record on building successful businesses in the sector.
  • An investment to cover basic salary and expenses during the early months while waiting for the first placements to be made
  • A substantial investment for an ambitious business plan which may cover staff salaries, office rent & overheads and advertising. When a partnership is agreed, your business can start straight away using the complete support & infrastructure from 3R.